Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top quality health and fitness products to the equine industry. At Total EquiHealth, we consider every Sporthorse an elite athlete, as the founding members, who are also riders and competitors, we sought out quality products that aid in their fitness and health and benefit their performance. Along with each equine athlete, their riders are just as important to us, we also provide select health conscious options for riders of all levels.

Our Story

Total EquiHealth was founded by riders and equine enthusiasts who wanted better quality products for their horses and themselves. We are passionate about horses and have a deep understanding of what is necessary for them to be healthy, fit, and happy.

We're equine experts with years of experience and backgrounds in performance, health, and fitness. We know what works best for horses, athletes, and riders. With our expertise on your side, you'll be able to find the products that are perfect for your horse's needs.

Quality Equine Products for the All Riders

Horse riding is a high-impact, high-intensity sport. It requires strength, endurance, and agility. To be in top form, a Sporthorse needs to stay fit both mentally and physically. At Total EquiHealth, we offer the highest quality of sports nutrition for horses.

Our products provide leading edge, top-quality fitness and health solutions that are specially formulated for equestrians. We only offer products that meet our standards of excellence in quality, performance and safety. Why? It's because we're serious about supporting our equine athletes who are at their best when they're well-nourished.

We consider it our duty to provide horses and riders with the highest level of fitness and health products available for their needs - so they can achieve a peak performance on the track.



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