Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement

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Size: 1lb
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Supreme Top Form® Joint Supplement is 99.8% pure glucosamine hydrochloride and 99% pure hyaluronic acid. It is Concentrated and easy to feed and cost effective. It is independently lab tested for purity so you know that you get what is on the label.

Hyaluronic acid works by inhibiting the formation of inflammatory products in joints, which cause pain and cartilage destruction. Glucosamine has been shown to counteract the negative effects on cartilage of steroid administration. Glucosamine also serves as a building block for new cartilage formation. Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid do not cause the significant side effects that nonsteroidal ant-inflammatory agents may induce.

Each pound is a 45 day supply of 10,000mg Glucosamine HCl & 100mg HA/day for a 1,000 pound horse.

1lb= 45 days (1 sc= 1.44/day)

2lb= 90 days (1 sc= 1.40/day)

3lb= 135 days (1 sc= 1.37/day)

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